Saturday, May 24, 2008

New at Bewitched Designs

Happy Saturday everyone I hope you all weren't up partying too hard last night:P. There are 5 new releases out at Bewitched Designs this past week and the first one above here is Bound in Blood. This picture really doesn't do this dress justice, the detail in the fabric and the veil are stunning.The dress also has many pieces to it such as the veil, skirt, shoes, cross eye tattoo, clothing pieces, sleeves and train, as well as blood red eyes and a stylish up-do hairstyle (With all my Heart in black which was not shown). If you are looking to walk down the isle or rule your kingdom of feral vamps this is the gown to do it in. Permissions for this one are copy & mod only and is a steal at 1800L.

Next here is the lighter version of the Bound in Blood dress, Bound in Love. Like its darker version, the pictures do not do this dress justice. It is so soft and romantic perfect for that special walk down the asile. As in the first one shown the dress includes the clothing, veil, heart eye tatto, sleeves, skirt, shoes and the With all my Heart up-do style in blonde from Bewitched Hair (not shown) . Permissions are mod & copy and is priced at 1800L.
Third here is the stunningly beautiful "jump" dress from the movie Titanic. This is the dress worn by Kate Winslet in the climatic point in the Titanic movie when she had to jump ship and leave sexy Leo behind..*sniffles*. The dress comes with 2 skirt versions, clothing and a train (not shown, SL wasn't being nice:/). This dress is a must see in pixel person in order to appreciate the detail of the dress itself...just gorgeous. Perms for this one are mod & transfer and you can pick it up at the Bewitched Designs main store on Spiritwood for 700L.
Fourth here is SeVan of NiNe, you know, that sexy but confused Borg chick from Star Trek Voyager...yeah you know who I mean..rofl. I have seen quite a few Trekie costumes in SL but I like this one the most, aside form the great details on the outfit itself, the prim attachments are cooooool! Im lovin the hand thingie the face gear are very well done. This costume comes with the outfit itself, shoes, face gear, comunicator and hand gear. Even if you aren't a Trek fan the attachemnts alone are enough to go get this one...could totally be a steam punk accessory. Perms ofr this costume are trans & some mod and is set at the main store location for only 300L.
Last here is Scully The Scaliwag and includes everything shown (minus the hair & skin). There is lots to see with this outfit and really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate it. The necklace and earings are super cool, the earings are pieces of bone and the neacklace is made of bones with a hand closed arounda gold coin! The outfit itself and skirt have tiny skulls all over and of course the "modesty" skulls placed on the Included wiht this one are the boots, clothing, skirt, jewelry, eye tattoo, prim bows, sword, hat and is a steal at 700L considering all the items that are included.
Skin ~ PXL Skins
Hair ~ House of Heart