Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sultry Pagan....The Queen Witch

For all you bewitching ladies out there Wiccy has played to your sexy "I'm a witch bitch" side. I love this brothel meets pagan outfit, it so sulty sexy but still has the playful feel with its pointy hat ..(spiders incl:P) Included with this outfit is all items shown here (cept hair), permissions are trans/some mod and is a bargan for 700L.

Think Pink Freebie

Gotta love free, specially when its for a purpose like Breast Cancer awarness. Just as you walk into the main shop in SPiritwood, you will be met wiht a big black kitty and a tribute to for hope. The outfit is adorable, it comes with 2 skirt lengths, the shirt and a sexy little thong.

Britney to Dutches

Now , anyone who knows me knows how I fell about Britney...*u know who*...*cough*..but occasionally...before she went..bananas or whatever , she dressed puuuurdy good. This outfit I think , is adorable. It comes with the sculptie hat, shoes, prim belt, capri's and shirt. When you run out to buy this ..please use underwear when exiting your vehicle and stay clear of hair salons!!....*unless its Bewitched Hair:PP* Outfit is trans/some mod and is a steal at 425L. Next shown here is Fair Maiden, which i loooooooove.It's so elegant and classy. It has several pieces so you can get diffeent looks no matter the day or event. There 3 lengths of skirt (long, knee and mini), pants, prim skirt, leg flares, bell sleves, shirt, earings and necklace. Besides the fact it comes with all those extras it also comes in the 3 colors shown!!The outfit is trans/some mod and costs 550L per color.


Now this is a first but I thought it was time to add Wiccy's partner Shadow to the site, considering how ROCKIN!!! this avatars is. It looks like somone walked right out of the Halo game and is bout to start The costume/avatar comes in the 6 colors shown and in the near future there will be a female version available. Everything shown is included from the armor to the skin and eyes for the full effect and the weapon. The avatar with mod/transfer, is a steal at 500L and can be bought at the main location in Spiritwood.

Kik azz and the Roses

First here in this post is Kik azz this is a remake of a Gwen Steffani original from her recent fashion show. Very sexy and very girlie punk.The outfit comes with all items shown (except hair)...that includes prim belt, leg straps and cap, as well as the shrug jacket, tiny bikini top, pants and shoes. Next is the Purple Rose and the Red Rose, now most of you all know Wiccy is, I think, a pirate at heart hahaha...she always does an awesome job with her pirate themed designs and I think this one is actually my favorite. The skirts are girlie and frilly but the corset has skulls on it...(my kind of shown with this outfit is included (except hair), right from the buckeneer hat with black lace frills to the booty boots. You'll take your mans heart by force with this one..and if hes not compliant comes with a sword...hahaha. The rose outfit cost 700L for the whole kaboodle and Kik Azz is 500L.

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Costume!!!! Lily Munster

This costume, Lily Munster, is a fantastic colaboration from Wiccan, Shel(hair) and Lyra of Body Doubles (shape). This awesome outfit comes with shirt, skirt, prim skirt, belt, prim sleeves and the part that makes it so fab...the replica of the legends bat necklace.Skirt and sleves are flexi and definitly give the dress that eerie feel to the look.Outfit is at a steal for 600L, Hair is 100L and Shape is 400L.