Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kik azz and the Roses

First here in this post is Kik azz this is a remake of a Gwen Steffani original from her recent fashion show. Very sexy and very girlie punk.The outfit comes with all items shown (except hair)...that includes prim belt, leg straps and cap, as well as the shrug jacket, tiny bikini top, pants and shoes. Next is the Purple Rose and the Red Rose, now most of you all know Wiccy is, I think, a pirate at heart hahaha...she always does an awesome job with her pirate themed designs and I think this one is actually my favorite. The skirts are girlie and frilly but the corset has skulls on it...(my kind of shown with this outfit is included (except hair), right from the buckeneer hat with black lace frills to the booty boots. You'll take your mans heart by force with this one..and if hes not compliant comes with a sword...hahaha. The rose outfit cost 700L for the whole kaboodle and Kik Azz is 500L.

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