Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Britney to Dutches

Now , anyone who knows me knows how I fell about Britney...*u know who*...*cough*..but occasionally...before she went..bananas or whatever , she dressed puuuurdy good. This outfit I think , is adorable. It comes with the sculptie hat, shoes, prim belt, capri's and shirt. When you run out to buy this ..please use underwear when exiting your vehicle and stay clear of hair salons!!....*unless its Bewitched Hair:PP* Outfit is trans/some mod and is a steal at 425L. Next shown here is Fair Maiden, which i loooooooove.It's so elegant and classy. It has several pieces so you can get diffeent looks no matter the day or event. There 3 lengths of skirt (long, knee and mini), pants, prim skirt, leg flares, bell sleves, shirt, earings and necklace. Besides the fact it comes with all those extras it also comes in the 3 colors shown!!The outfit is trans/some mod and costs 550L per color.

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