Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wiccy's at it again

I have decided Wiccan releases enough items for me to blog WANNNA RAISE!!....Jk:D....I have learned not to step on the Wiccy's toes..I've come to discover being a frog is not pleasant and green is SOOOOOOooo not my color.Makes my ass look legs look short and my boobies......well thats another matter all together...todays post is for all the lovelies you see above. In the first pic we have "Holiday with Doc"..not sure where the name comes from but its super cute...I mean who duden't run round Christmas day hog tie'n cattle and gun fightin'...I reckon I do. This sexy cowboy Christmas suit for the ladies comes with all shown, permissions are some mod/trans and is priced at 600L. Next here is "Not your daddy's cowgirl" this one is a recolor by request. I like it ..I love it..I want some more of it.....IN EVERY COLOR!!!..haha...outfit comes with the boots, hat and is priced at a sizzlin' 550L. next is my favorite holiday outfit I have seen this year. It is one of the most original Christmas outfits and the name is fantastic.."Chaotica: Keeper of the naughty list" . This outfit is gonna get AAaalot of men on this years naughty list just to get checked twice by her..haha. Comes with all kinds of goodies like an animated candy cane (has that come hither and lick my...*COUGH*...) look. If that didn't make you want to go run and buy it then the "OMG their fuzzy wuzzy boots" (that come with it) will.And if that wasn't enough its only 550L!!!! craziness!! In the next pic we have "Twinkle" this was a special request..I think it's adorable...and just as they say about a man wearing pink, they same the same for a man wearing a elf costume with stripped tights :D.Your toes either twinkle;) or you are man enough to wear it and pull it off..hehe...*WARNING*Due to reasons unknown ..some women find it incredibly sexy when a man will wear tights for sure to be wearing clean underwear gentlemen.This adorable Christmas outfit comes with all shown right down to the work belt with mallet in hand for only 350L.Next shown is "Icy delight"..think of it as winter bikini wear or a goodies warmer..*snicker*.Comes with all shown from boots to earmuffs, even a snowflake emitter.Very sexy, great for role play;) (whatever kind that comes to mind), or just to be festive without going all Santa's elf like.Permissions on this one are some mod/trans and goes for 650L.Second to last here is "Sir Beaumain of the round table" all shown is included...helmet, hand sword, belt with sheathed sword and clothing. Makes for a great Christmas present for that special medieval someone you have in your life...(pssst....*whispers*..get him a white horse too..makes for fantastic damsel in distress role play..hehe) "Oh saaaaAAvvve me oh handsome and fearless ...yadda yadda"...haha.Great outfit and as always a steal at 700L. Last but not least is "Devestator"(I think Wiccan is goin fettish or something..hehe"I think the only thing this one is missing is a whip.....but i'm sure that if you purchase have a whip soOomwhere in your inventory..hehe. Rubber is the new black so get it fast before lacy frilly things are..*shivers*.This one is priced at 350L and can be found at the main store, as well as the rest of the items shown here, at Spiritwood. Enjoy!!...and MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!!:D

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Wiccan always out does herself at Christmas time. Anything you can think of Christmas outfit wise shes got it...haha. We got goth spikey boots for those darker folks who secretly looove X-mas...these are super cute with thier candy cane and holly adornments. Yet still have thier dangerously spiked heels to do that festive fettish damage to your slave boy....HAHA.Then you have the more traditional boot types that come just above the ankle and come in 3 festive styles. The picture above that is mega sexy....shown is Santas bunnys and the aptly named.."Little Red Dress"...I emphazize...LITTLE....hahaha, I'm not even sure you could fit a piece of coal anywhere under that thing....and if your wearing it, be advised, coal is what your getting..**EVIL LAUGH**. The picture at the top here is the more..traditional?..elf..*snicker*..I dont think Wiccan knows how to make anything NOT sexy.The first 2 in the pic even come with your very own candy cane for suckin' on...*WARNING*...I would recomend putting a warning label on this..."Choking Hazard!!"...when a man sees you walking by in this, suckin on a candy cane, he's gonna swollow his tounge..hahahaha.
As always the items @Bewitched Designs are priced even for the most trendy.Wiccan is always a hit at Christmas time and there are many other things to choose from this holiday season, from formal gowns with the Christams theme right down to a Sanata avatar...(there is even a purple santa suit). So go check out what else Spiritwood has to offer...HUGGLES Y'ALL!!!