Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Wiccan always out does herself at Christmas time. Anything you can think of Christmas outfit wise shes got it...haha. We got goth spikey boots for those darker folks who secretly looove X-mas...these are super cute with thier candy cane and holly adornments. Yet still have thier dangerously spiked heels to do that festive fettish damage to your slave boy....HAHA.Then you have the more traditional boot types that come just above the ankle and come in 3 festive styles. The picture above that is mega sexy....shown is Santas bunnys and the aptly named.."Little Red Dress"...I emphazize...LITTLE....hahaha, I'm not even sure you could fit a piece of coal anywhere under that thing....and if your wearing it, be advised, coal is what your getting..**EVIL LAUGH**. The picture at the top here is the more..traditional?..elf..*snicker*..I dont think Wiccan knows how to make anything NOT sexy.The first 2 in the pic even come with your very own candy cane for suckin' on...*WARNING*...I would recomend putting a warning label on this..."Choking Hazard!!"...when a man sees you walking by in this, suckin on a candy cane, he's gonna swollow his tounge..hahahaha.
As always the items @Bewitched Designs are priced even for the most trendy.Wiccan is always a hit at Christmas time and there are many other things to choose from this holiday season, from formal gowns with the Christams theme right down to a Sanata avatar...(there is even a purple santa suit). So go check out what else Spiritwood has to offer...HUGGLES Y'ALL!!!

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