Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wiccy's at it again

I have decided Wiccan releases enough items for me to blog WANNNA RAISE!!....Jk:D....I have learned not to step on the Wiccy's toes..I've come to discover being a frog is not pleasant and green is SOOOOOOooo not my color.Makes my ass look legs look short and my boobies......well thats another matter all together...todays post is for all the lovelies you see above. In the first pic we have "Holiday with Doc"..not sure where the name comes from but its super cute...I mean who duden't run round Christmas day hog tie'n cattle and gun fightin'...I reckon I do. This sexy cowboy Christmas suit for the ladies comes with all shown, permissions are some mod/trans and is priced at 600L. Next here is "Not your daddy's cowgirl" this one is a recolor by request. I like it ..I love it..I want some more of it.....IN EVERY COLOR!!!..haha...outfit comes with the boots, hat and is priced at a sizzlin' 550L. next is my favorite holiday outfit I have seen this year. It is one of the most original Christmas outfits and the name is fantastic.."Chaotica: Keeper of the naughty list" . This outfit is gonna get AAaalot of men on this years naughty list just to get checked twice by her..haha. Comes with all kinds of goodies like an animated candy cane (has that come hither and lick my...*COUGH*...) look. If that didn't make you want to go run and buy it then the "OMG their fuzzy wuzzy boots" (that come with it) will.And if that wasn't enough its only 550L!!!! craziness!! In the next pic we have "Twinkle" this was a special request..I think it's adorable...and just as they say about a man wearing pink, they same the same for a man wearing a elf costume with stripped tights :D.Your toes either twinkle;) or you are man enough to wear it and pull it off..hehe...*WARNING*Due to reasons unknown ..some women find it incredibly sexy when a man will wear tights for sure to be wearing clean underwear gentlemen.This adorable Christmas outfit comes with all shown right down to the work belt with mallet in hand for only 350L.Next shown is "Icy delight"..think of it as winter bikini wear or a goodies warmer..*snicker*.Comes with all shown from boots to earmuffs, even a snowflake emitter.Very sexy, great for role play;) (whatever kind that comes to mind), or just to be festive without going all Santa's elf like.Permissions on this one are some mod/trans and goes for 650L.Second to last here is "Sir Beaumain of the round table" all shown is included...helmet, hand sword, belt with sheathed sword and clothing. Makes for a great Christmas present for that special medieval someone you have in your life...(pssst....*whispers*..get him a white horse too..makes for fantastic damsel in distress role play..hehe) "Oh saaaaAAvvve me oh handsome and fearless ...yadda yadda"...haha.Great outfit and as always a steal at 700L. Last but not least is "Devestator"(I think Wiccan is goin fettish or something..hehe"I think the only thing this one is missing is a whip.....but i'm sure that if you purchase have a whip soOomwhere in your inventory..hehe. Rubber is the new black so get it fast before lacy frilly things are..*shivers*.This one is priced at 350L and can be found at the main store, as well as the rest of the items shown here, at Spiritwood. Enjoy!!...and MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!!:D

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Wiccan always out does herself at Christmas time. Anything you can think of Christmas outfit wise shes got it...haha. We got goth spikey boots for those darker folks who secretly looove X-mas...these are super cute with thier candy cane and holly adornments. Yet still have thier dangerously spiked heels to do that festive fettish damage to your slave boy....HAHA.Then you have the more traditional boot types that come just above the ankle and come in 3 festive styles. The picture above that is mega sexy....shown is Santas bunnys and the aptly named.."Little Red Dress"...I emphazize...LITTLE....hahaha, I'm not even sure you could fit a piece of coal anywhere under that thing....and if your wearing it, be advised, coal is what your getting..**EVIL LAUGH**. The picture at the top here is the more..traditional?..elf..*snicker*..I dont think Wiccan knows how to make anything NOT sexy.The first 2 in the pic even come with your very own candy cane for suckin' on...*WARNING*...I would recomend putting a warning label on this..."Choking Hazard!!"...when a man sees you walking by in this, suckin on a candy cane, he's gonna swollow his tounge..hahahaha.
As always the items @Bewitched Designs are priced even for the most trendy.Wiccan is always a hit at Christmas time and there are many other things to choose from this holiday season, from formal gowns with the Christams theme right down to a Sanata avatar...(there is even a purple santa suit). So go check out what else Spiritwood has to offer...HUGGLES Y'ALL!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sultry Pagan....The Queen Witch

For all you bewitching ladies out there Wiccy has played to your sexy "I'm a witch bitch" side. I love this brothel meets pagan outfit, it so sulty sexy but still has the playful feel with its pointy hat ..(spiders incl:P) Included with this outfit is all items shown here (cept hair), permissions are trans/some mod and is a bargan for 700L.

Think Pink Freebie

Gotta love free, specially when its for a purpose like Breast Cancer awarness. Just as you walk into the main shop in SPiritwood, you will be met wiht a big black kitty and a tribute to for hope. The outfit is adorable, it comes with 2 skirt lengths, the shirt and a sexy little thong.

Britney to Dutches

Now , anyone who knows me knows how I fell about Britney...*u know who*...*cough*..but occasionally...before she went..bananas or whatever , she dressed puuuurdy good. This outfit I think , is adorable. It comes with the sculptie hat, shoes, prim belt, capri's and shirt. When you run out to buy this ..please use underwear when exiting your vehicle and stay clear of hair salons!!....*unless its Bewitched Hair:PP* Outfit is trans/some mod and is a steal at 425L. Next shown here is Fair Maiden, which i loooooooove.It's so elegant and classy. It has several pieces so you can get diffeent looks no matter the day or event. There 3 lengths of skirt (long, knee and mini), pants, prim skirt, leg flares, bell sleves, shirt, earings and necklace. Besides the fact it comes with all those extras it also comes in the 3 colors shown!!The outfit is trans/some mod and costs 550L per color.


Now this is a first but I thought it was time to add Wiccy's partner Shadow to the site, considering how ROCKIN!!! this avatars is. It looks like somone walked right out of the Halo game and is bout to start The costume/avatar comes in the 6 colors shown and in the near future there will be a female version available. Everything shown is included from the armor to the skin and eyes for the full effect and the weapon. The avatar with mod/transfer, is a steal at 500L and can be bought at the main location in Spiritwood.

Kik azz and the Roses

First here in this post is Kik azz this is a remake of a Gwen Steffani original from her recent fashion show. Very sexy and very girlie punk.The outfit comes with all items shown (except hair)...that includes prim belt, leg straps and cap, as well as the shrug jacket, tiny bikini top, pants and shoes. Next is the Purple Rose and the Red Rose, now most of you all know Wiccy is, I think, a pirate at heart hahaha...she always does an awesome job with her pirate themed designs and I think this one is actually my favorite. The skirts are girlie and frilly but the corset has skulls on it...(my kind of shown with this outfit is included (except hair), right from the buckeneer hat with black lace frills to the booty boots. You'll take your mans heart by force with this one..and if hes not compliant comes with a sword...hahaha. The rose outfit cost 700L for the whole kaboodle and Kik Azz is 500L.

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Costume!!!! Lily Munster

This costume, Lily Munster, is a fantastic colaboration from Wiccan, Shel(hair) and Lyra of Body Doubles (shape). This awesome outfit comes with shirt, skirt, prim skirt, belt, prim sleeves and the part that makes it so fab...the replica of the legends bat necklace.Skirt and sleves are flexi and definitly give the dress that eerie feel to the look.Outfit is at a steal for 600L, Hair is 100L and Shape is 400L.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No matter your style Bewitched has what you need

Here we have 6 new outfits from this release there is definitly something for everyone...
First off we have Longing in Lace, this one comes in 3 colors, Snow(shown), Cream and black. Very girlie and uber sexy with its bikini top and bottom worn with lace see through shirt and pants and the cuffs and flares just give this one that extra added girlieness.Permissions are mod/trans and it is priced at 175L.
Next we have The Vampires New Mistress~Revamped~...I love this dress...its formal without being over the top and it's great for Halloween, balls, your vampire lady or even a dark wedding. Permissions on this are mod/trans and is a steal at 500L.
Now we have Oriental White, sweet and sassy. From the cheek showin kick skirt to the low cut shirt with lace overlay and thigh high stockings, it is for sure a show stopper. Summer picnic or strollin the streets this outfit is perfect.Permissions are mod/trans and is priced at 300L.
Fourth in the pic here is New Blood. Vampire bites and all the name speaks for itself. If your a virgin to the dark this is a great way to show it off..;).The skirt has a sexy cut to it, perfect clevage cut and even a shurg for those more modest vampires. Permissions are mod/trans and is priced at 600L.
Fifth is the Pink PVCee Ya Latah Hotstuff, grrrrrrr baby YEAH!!...ok i can't say this one is sweet and sassy..rofl..this one is a raunchy sex machine driven mini all the way. If you got this and you ain't dancin on a pole, your looking for one..lmfao..I love it!! Permissions on this one are trans and is a steal for 200L.
Last but not least we have Cherries Seranade. This I find is a rich turn of the centruy look for sure. Who needs baby blue smocks and lacy petticoats when u have exotic red velvet with satin accents gown. And omg ain't that hat just adorable..flexi strings and all. I love this one, the bustle and the form of the dress are great. Permissions are trans/some mod and price is fantastic at 500L.

For the Knight in all of us

These 2 outfits are tre cool...first is Lord Byron. It's gothy, formal and perfect for role play wether u live in a castle, in the woods with the elves or the capatin of a spanish pirate ship..haha. The fabric is detailed beutifully with black velvet, silver threading and suede ties in the back. The permissions on this one are trans/some mod and priced at 500L.
The next outfit shown here is Sir Tristam and is part of the knights of the round table series. With this one you look as though you walked right off the movie set. The entire outfit is awesome, the cape moves fantastic during those sword weilding moves and the helmut and chainmail are done with a great amount of detail.The permissions on this one are trans/some mod and priced at 700L. You can get both these outfits from the main location in Spiritwood.


Ok remember that sexy stud you or your mama went gaga for in the skirt??...huh? ya? William Wallace from Braveheart....oh yeah..*breaks a sweat*....dat man is FIIINE...ok I think I have it all out of my system now..haha. Ok this one was a teamwork kinda project, Wic hauled out her needle and thread, Shel hauled out her shears and hair gel and Dari from Body Doubles took our fair lad Fall here too the gym and plastic surgeon...haha. The outfit comes with everything shown here, from clothing, sword and shield.Permissions are trans/some mod and can be picked up at the main location in Spiritwood for 700L. Shape is available at Body Doubles and Hair from Bewitched hair.

Here comes the ..TOTALLY SLAMIN BRIDE!!

Ok, Wic has yet again, made the bride to be weap hystarically. Guys if you have a wedding in the works, be prepared for the love of your life to want more then one ceremony, cause shes not gonna want only one dress. There is a total of 4 new dresses out (only 1 showing due to technical difficulties), this one is called The Platinum Princess.The fabric itself is a platinum shade with white embroidery, very classic and romantic. The bottom of the skirt is very full and gives that old hollywood glamour look. This dress also includes the veil shown.Permissions are copy/mod and you can snag this stunning dress up at the Bewiched Designs main location in Spiritwood for only 1600L.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gothic formal for men

Well sexy this outfit is and sexy your man will look in it...grrrrrrr baby yeah!! I have to say the pinkie color one is my favorite and i think it takes a manly man to wear pink..*hint hint*. This outfit can be worn various ways..there is 2 coat lengths and the high neckpiece is detachable for the more modern goth. The belt is quite detailed with a silver chain and cross hanging from the side. All items shown are included from the shoes to the neckpiece. The colors shown are Celtic, Drake, Draco, Psyche, Quirin, Ryu, Satu, Shamerock, Master and costs 700L.

Fashion fever

Well Wiccan has been busy this past week..shes got a nice little chunk of items shes released and i have been so swamped im even later gettin them on...haha...can't get good help these days. Ok so here i go...first outfit here is Butterfly Wrangler, awesome western wear for the ladies hat and chaps included..wooot. Colors shown are White, Goth, Chocolate Swirl and costs 400L. Next outfit shown is Give me a Hand and from what I can tell its an outfit Wiccans daughter Sheltered had asked for. It's a sexy little number with a cute kick skirt and fabric foreplay over the headlights*smirks*..hehehe, great for club wear or if u want ur chest...umm...region to be a target area for the Colors shown are Pinkie, Goldie, Blue and the outfit costs 485L.
Next outfit is Punked Referee, name speaks for itself really and is good for costume, clubwear or just to dress up ur gothy punk look and wooot it's my 2 fav colors..and is also a steal at only 300L. Next outfit shown is called Lily. I love the coloring on this one and the style itself is just too damn cute. This one was also given out recently to the members of the Bewitched Hair group as a gift...YAY for Wiccan...with 1400+ ppl in that group was tre cool of her to do!!. But if u aren't in the group but are drooling right's only 350L..can't go wrong
Next is Indigo, this dress is stunning, it's done in a teal lace and the top is fashioned like lingerie and the skirt is a full spectacular old southern style. The gradeur of this dress reminds me of the old hollywood days, I think I would have even considered changing my wedding colors to use this dress. The bottom is flexi as well so as u turn or dance at the ball the dress just flows with u..awesome work ladies kiss ur feet..haha. This dress also has a male counterpart i believe called Goth about town which can be bought at the main location in Spiritwood, this dress is for sale at an unbelievable price of only 450L..woot!!
Last but not least is the Babydoll series, there is a color for everyday of the week plus in this set and there are so fun. Colors shown are Sea Cruise, Every Rose has it's Thorn, Purple Haze, Peaches and Cream, Just dropped in, Green Day, Deep Purple and Blueberry Hill. You can also remove the sexy sheer babydoll part to show off all your the totally hawt 1 piece teddy look. Edges over the hips and breasts are scolloped for that extra feminine touch and the stockings and shoes just give that come hither look the extra boost ur partner needs to grab u and have thier way with you..haha...*whispers*..make sure u wear this outfit only in places u wish to be club...meh*shrug*..or wherever..haha. This outfit comes with everything shown including shoes and costs 500L.
All hair in ads by Bewitched Hair, shapes by Body Doubles and all outfits modeled by Sheltered Heart

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ain't your daddies cowgirl

New sassy little number out @ Bewitched Designs....this ain't your daddy's cowgirl....this ain't the outfit you'd see yer mama in bakin beans and kneadin dough....and we reconmend you DO NOT wear this outfit to visit your grandma...poor thing i reckon would have an aneurysm. You wanna catch the eye of your handsome....sweaty.....strong cowboy neighbour...then this outfit is perfect for you...throw it on..."saddle" your steed and show how the new country girls wooooooooork itttt!!!

Outfit comes in all 8 colors shown (sold seperatly), brown mix, lavender mix, dusty rose, navy/green, red/black, rust. blue.Each set includes.kick skirt, shorties, top, Toby Keith hat, sexy cowgirl boots to match and costs 550L.

Monday, July 16, 2007

She's got legs

First release of the day is the uber sexy "Shes got legs"...Im thinkin Wiccan was goin for the awesome 80's looik..and wow talk about hit right on the's's fresh and Sheltered looks ready for a ZZ top concert in it.....*purrrs*...this sexy number comes in 4 colors..the 2 shown are the black/pink and black/white..also available is black/purple and black/red.This outfit is 550L and all pieces shown come wiht it and the hair is by Bewitched Hair

Bewitched Reporter

Kory Jewell

We are gathered here

Heres the second of the 2 new releases @ Bewitched...boy I tell you these ladies are first I must loooove this outfit..its summer and spring all wrapped up into 1.The jacket is optional..nice cover up for those windy days:P...haha. This outfit comes in 6 colors to suit any mood you may you be having. The colors shown are baby blue and yellow...other colors available are marron, purple, dusty rose and lavender. Outift is 350L and hair can be bought at Bewitched Hair.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Will Turner

Well....this outfit sure speaks for itself...clearly one of the best pirate wear in SL in my humble opinion.Outfit comes with both swords, boots (which are embelished with buckles) , jacket, leg strap, shirt, pants, belt and shoulder strap. The shirt has fantastic details such as gold buttons and a ribbed realistic look. The jacket and vest are also very well done with life like quality..there be no photoshop copy and pasting here guys...this is the work of a REAL craftsman in SL..(craftswoman:P) This outfit can be bought at the main store in Spiritwood..right down from the hair to the shape. The outfit Will Turner, Dead mans chest, for all items shown accept hair, skin and shape is 750L.Shape is by Body Doubles and is available at the Bewitched shop for 500L.Hair is by Bewitched Hair called Eva and prices range from 195L to 225L.
Bewitched Reporter
Kory Jewell

Witchy Woman

Here we have 1 of 2 of the releases out today at Bewitched, Witchy Woman. This outfit comes with a beautiful Celtic cross necklace (not shown), shirt, skirt, underwear, sexy spike shoes and beautifully detailed arm puffs and gloves. The skirt has a sexy slit up the left leg with lace accents. The bodice has lacing down the back embelished with emeralds. This outfit can be bought at the Bewitched main store in Spiritwood for 550L. Hair by Bewitched Hair.

Bewitched Reporter

Kory Jewell

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who wants to be a Pirate?

For the true lady swashbucklers.....Are you tired of buckeneer pants that ride up too high?...Tired of baggy shirts that leave EVERYTHING to the imagination?..Well grab your swords and ur leather boots and head over to Spiritwood to snatch up one of the summers hottest releases.Why play a pirate on TV when u can really do it here?...Everything for this ensamble can be bought at the Bewitched Main store in Spiritwood. Dress is by none other then the lovely Wiccan of Bewitched Designs, hair is by Bewitched Hair , the offspring of, and the Elisabeth Swan shape is available by Body Doubles. Price of the outfit is 695L, hair runs from 195 to 225L a pack,shape is 700L.
Bewitched Reporter
Kory Jewell

New items in for summer!!

Wanna relax on the the waves...or run off to some tropical resort with ur your one and only?Then we have the outfit for's a's sexy club's just what your closet needs. This sexy little number comes in 7 different colors Fiesta, Jungle Jam, Peachy Keen, Avacado Dip, Blueberry Blunt, Juicy Jammin, and Violetta.The 2 colors shown above are Peachy Keen and Bluberry Blunt. Pants have an exposing quality*wink* to em and are cut to a capri length, the shirt is a tie top that wraps around the breasts and knots at the base of the neck. Price for the 3 piece outfit is 250L...longing stares from the male company?....priceless:PP

Bewitched Reporter

Kory Jewell