Friday, July 13, 2007

Will Turner

Well....this outfit sure speaks for itself...clearly one of the best pirate wear in SL in my humble opinion.Outfit comes with both swords, boots (which are embelished with buckles) , jacket, leg strap, shirt, pants, belt and shoulder strap. The shirt has fantastic details such as gold buttons and a ribbed realistic look. The jacket and vest are also very well done with life like quality..there be no photoshop copy and pasting here guys...this is the work of a REAL craftsman in SL..(craftswoman:P) This outfit can be bought at the main store in Spiritwood..right down from the hair to the shape. The outfit Will Turner, Dead mans chest, for all items shown accept hair, skin and shape is 750L.Shape is by Body Doubles and is available at the Bewitched shop for 500L.Hair is by Bewitched Hair called Eva and prices range from 195L to 225L.
Bewitched Reporter
Kory Jewell

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