Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who wants to be a Pirate?

For the true lady swashbucklers.....Are you tired of buckeneer pants that ride up too high?...Tired of baggy shirts that leave EVERYTHING to the imagination?..Well grab your swords and ur leather boots and head over to Spiritwood to snatch up one of the summers hottest releases.Why play a pirate on TV when u can really do it here?...Everything for this ensamble can be bought at the Bewitched Main store in Spiritwood. Dress is by none other then the lovely Wiccan of Bewitched Designs, hair is by Bewitched Hair , the offspring of, and the Elisabeth Swan shape is available by Body Doubles. Price of the outfit is 695L, hair runs from 195 to 225L a pack,shape is 700L.
Bewitched Reporter
Kory Jewell

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