Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gothic formal for men

Well sexy this outfit is and sexy your man will look in it...grrrrrrr baby yeah!! I have to say the pinkie color one is my favorite and i think it takes a manly man to wear pink..*hint hint*. This outfit can be worn various ways..there is 2 coat lengths and the high neckpiece is detachable for the more modern goth. The belt is quite detailed with a silver chain and cross hanging from the side. All items shown are included from the shoes to the neckpiece. The colors shown are Celtic, Drake, Draco, Psyche, Quirin, Ryu, Satu, Shamerock, Master and costs 700L.

Fashion fever

Well Wiccan has been busy this past week..shes got a nice little chunk of items shes released and i have been so swamped im even later gettin them on...haha...can't get good help these days. Ok so here i go...first outfit here is Butterfly Wrangler, awesome western wear for the ladies hat and chaps included..wooot. Colors shown are White, Goth, Chocolate Swirl and costs 400L. Next outfit shown is Give me a Hand and from what I can tell its an outfit Wiccans daughter Sheltered had asked for. It's a sexy little number with a cute kick skirt and fabric foreplay over the headlights*smirks*..hehehe, great for club wear or if u want ur chest...umm...region to be a target area for the Colors shown are Pinkie, Goldie, Blue and the outfit costs 485L.
Next outfit is Punked Referee, name speaks for itself really and is good for costume, clubwear or just to dress up ur gothy punk look and wooot it's my 2 fav colors..and is also a steal at only 300L. Next outfit shown is called Lily. I love the coloring on this one and the style itself is just too damn cute. This one was also given out recently to the members of the Bewitched Hair group as a gift...YAY for Wiccan...with 1400+ ppl in that group was tre cool of her to do!!. But if u aren't in the group but are drooling right's only 350L..can't go wrong
Next is Indigo, this dress is stunning, it's done in a teal lace and the top is fashioned like lingerie and the skirt is a full spectacular old southern style. The gradeur of this dress reminds me of the old hollywood days, I think I would have even considered changing my wedding colors to use this dress. The bottom is flexi as well so as u turn or dance at the ball the dress just flows with u..awesome work ladies kiss ur feet..haha. This dress also has a male counterpart i believe called Goth about town which can be bought at the main location in Spiritwood, this dress is for sale at an unbelievable price of only 450L..woot!!
Last but not least is the Babydoll series, there is a color for everyday of the week plus in this set and there are so fun. Colors shown are Sea Cruise, Every Rose has it's Thorn, Purple Haze, Peaches and Cream, Just dropped in, Green Day, Deep Purple and Blueberry Hill. You can also remove the sexy sheer babydoll part to show off all your the totally hawt 1 piece teddy look. Edges over the hips and breasts are scolloped for that extra feminine touch and the stockings and shoes just give that come hither look the extra boost ur partner needs to grab u and have thier way with you..haha...*whispers*..make sure u wear this outfit only in places u wish to be club...meh*shrug*..or wherever..haha. This outfit comes with everything shown including shoes and costs 500L.
All hair in ads by Bewitched Hair, shapes by Body Doubles and all outfits modeled by Sheltered Heart