Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gothic formal for men

Well sexy this outfit is and sexy your man will look in it...grrrrrrr baby yeah!! I have to say the pinkie color one is my favorite and i think it takes a manly man to wear pink..*hint hint*. This outfit can be worn various ways..there is 2 coat lengths and the high neckpiece is detachable for the more modern goth. The belt is quite detailed with a silver chain and cross hanging from the side. All items shown are included from the shoes to the neckpiece. The colors shown are Celtic, Drake, Draco, Psyche, Quirin, Ryu, Satu, Shamerock, Master and costs 700L.

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I have to say that i was not very impressed with your clothing for the price that i paid. You can find much better work done in SL. most of the products you find at bewitched or shadow weaver are way over priced and the detail lacks compared to say-Bare rose. 700L for an outfit is just way over the top these days in SL, not to many people can pull off selling outfits for this amount, this is one designer that falls short of what you see on the box.