Monday, April 27, 2009

Oriental Gem

Our new release today is called Oriental Gem. This cute outfit is the dress comprised of top, glitch pants and skirt and is fully accessorized with the heels, pin and earrings. This comes in 11 spring time pastels....cappuccino, copper, dusty rose, fuchsia, hot pink, lilac, raspberry, royal jade, steel, thistle and royal blue.

Head on down to Bewitched now for your favorite color.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dotty About Spring

Today we have another new release...Dotty About Spring. This cute and flirty combo comes with a rose accented bodice with a set of sculpted shorts or lacy flexi skirt to fit your mood and a complete set of accessories - bracelet, belt, rose accented earrings, pins and heels.

This comes in several springtime colors and is available now at Bewitched.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Vampire Royals

"She wants the Mordante family to rule all of Vampire kind,
He is happy adding to his harem of mesmerized ladies,
Together...they raise hell."

Today we present Malachi and Malificent Mordante. These two outfits are made of highly detailed textures and prim work accentuating the beauty of these creatures of the night.

Malificent is a beautiful vision of pure evil featuring a black lace corset and thong with overlying lace skirt, lace gloves and stocking and completeing the look is a bevy of spider trimmed accessories all the way down to the boots.

Malachi makes the unsuspecting mortal swoon when he appears in this rich brocade vest and jacket with matching shirt and pants, spider trimmed accessories and complete with top hat and cane.

Join them in their quest for underworld domination at Bewitched.

While you're sure to check out all the great new items in the lucky chairs or have a relaxing sit as you fish for prizes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New HOT Releases

Today we're offering up these 2 sizzling hot outfits for your enjoyment.

First we have She's Spotted featuring a long flex leopard coat over bra top and shorties with over the knees leather boots and finished with a cat's paw belly jewel. This one is sure to make that special someone purr.

Our second outfit is called Hot X Buns and it's a scorcher. This red and black ensemble is made of figure hugging latex that's buckled tight to you while still leaving something to the imagination. This outfit comes complete with ankle boots and coordinating bangles to complete the look.

As always, the new releases can be found in the middle of our home store on Bewitched.

The kite hunt and the fishing hunt are still going on so be sure to look for those prizes when you visit!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ahoy There!!

Continuing with the pirates, we have 2 more for the men and 2 for the ladies.

For the gents we have Captain Morann O'Malley. The Captain comes complete with highly detailed jacket, pants and shirt...sculpted hat, chest belt and belt with rapier and finished off with leather over the knee boots.

Ahoy Matey is a colorful outfit for the ship's mate with black and red striped pants, black shirt, sculpted belts and bandana.

For the ladies we have Rose the Relay Raider. This adorable outfit is dotted with roses throughout the detailed flex skirt, blouse and corset...the sleeves have pink accent bows that flutter as you move along the ship and is completed by the rose decorated over the knee boots and sculpted hat.

The Chemise and Bloomers comes in a creamy soft muslin with lace trim that will flatter every curve and make him remember you fondly until he returns again.

Come and check out these and all the other fine designs at Bewitched. While you're there, be sure to stay for the kite hunt and to go fishing where you will receive never before released designs available no where else but here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Newness

Today we present a dashing one for the men and another sexy one for the ladies. Captain Jack Sparrow has been updated for 2009 with a finely detailed cuffed coat with chest belt, sculpted hat with bandana, a belt with sash and fob, boots and pants. This outfit is sure to bring out your inner bad boy and charm all the lovely ladies.

Now for the ladies we have Charlotte de Berry. She's a sassy Pirate Maiden sure to win your heart. Charlotte features a beautiful flowing layered skirt, corset and blouse with fine lace trim, knee high black leather boots, bandana and hat and complete with a rapier for those adventures on the high seas.

Sail on over to Bewitched for these and our other new releases!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Our newest and oh so sexy release...Rockstar Series #1...Kiss, Lick it Up. This new outfit comes in sassy black or playful pink and is complete with top and shorties or short skirt, fedora and shades, belts, cuff, gloves and belted boots to make your star entrance.

Find this and many other new items in the center of the store.

Taxi to Bewitched.