Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ahoy There!!

Continuing with the pirates, we have 2 more for the men and 2 for the ladies.

For the gents we have Captain Morann O'Malley. The Captain comes complete with highly detailed jacket, pants and shirt...sculpted hat, chest belt and belt with rapier and finished off with leather over the knee boots.

Ahoy Matey is a colorful outfit for the ship's mate with black and red striped pants, black shirt, sculpted belts and bandana.

For the ladies we have Rose the Relay Raider. This adorable outfit is dotted with roses throughout the detailed flex skirt, blouse and corset...the sleeves have pink accent bows that flutter as you move along the ship and is completed by the rose decorated over the knee boots and sculpted hat.

The Chemise and Bloomers comes in a creamy soft muslin with lace trim that will flatter every curve and make him remember you fondly until he returns again.

Come and check out these and all the other fine designs at Bewitched. While you're there, be sure to stay for the kite hunt and to go fishing where you will receive never before released designs available no where else but here.

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