Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bewitched Designs Contest!!!!

Hi there. I am looking for nice photos of ladies and gents or vamps and vampires :) wearing Bewitched and ShadoWiccan clothing.

*** NOTE: This is for Bewitched clothing, not Bewitched Hair ***

I want to set up a customer photo gallery at the store. You never know, maybe sitting on the Bewitched wall will get you noticed for a modeling career... or someone may fall in love with you - who knows?

I would prefer to have them sent to me in a notecard. To do that, do properties on the picture, check all the boxes for permissions and then drag the photos onto a newly opened notecard.

Rename the notecard like this : Bewitched Photo Wall - (put your name here)

Send the NC to me and also send a IM at the same time. I should get one or the other. I will reply "Have received your entry" to you. If you do not receive a reply from me in 2 days, please resend NC.

We will make this a contest. A first, second, and third place will be chosen.

First Place: 5000L plus 10 modelling jobs
Second Place: 2500L plus 5 modelling jobs
Third Place: 1000L plus 2 modelling jobs

IMPORTANT: Photos must be sent full perms - copy, modify, and transfer