Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Presenting.. *Drum Roll Please* TONS of New Releases!!

Our Wiccan must be in a Romantic mood this week. She has created the most breathtaking Wedding Dress! The Prince's Bride Wedding Dress is soft, subtle and rich in romance. A long flowing train accents a veil of gorgeous ringing flowers that do not detatch your bangs (Thank you for that Wiccan!) Softly colored flowers detail the dress in just the right places. The full skirt and gloves set the style and the shoes tie it all in together. Comes with 2 tops, glitch pants, gloves, linden skirt, prim multi layer skirt, pink super spikes, veil with flower headpiece and prim sleeves for just 1900 Lindens!! The outfit is copy/mod/no trans. You can pick this up, and you don't have to look for another thing for your dream wedding ensemble! Stress free! Woot!

Every girl needs a touch of Sophisticated class.. the newest dress in Spiritwood is surely that! Sophisticated comes in Blue, Gold, Red, Emerald, Avacado and Noir. With the Glitter hat, purse, spike heels and dress with glitch pants, the complete ensemble comes at the low price of 200 Lindens! Dress up, feel good and step out in style!

Brand new in the Camoflauge Line is Chillin'!! Tired of the same old style camo outfit. Get that notice for your favorite clubs camo event and sit and wonder what to wear that will be different? Here you are! Sexy and stylish, Chillin' will be sure to give you the change you need! Comes with Knit sweater, camo pants, Gothic cross, prim belt, camo bra and bangles its a steal at just 250 Lindens! Available in Spriritwood in Blue, Pink, Forest, Thistles, Black and desert!

Wowsa! Cherise is a hot Latex outfit it in the costume section at Spiritwood! A sexy pair of Latex pants pairs with a smoking hot corset to create a fabulous outfit! You can wear the outfit with or without the corset, the set comes with the top, corset and latex pants! For 175 Lindens, you definately can't go wrong for a steamy Latex look!

The Black Widow is renowned to be the most dangerous Spider. Devouring men in her path and leaving them quaking as she walks by. This outfit will definately devour a mans heart and leave the others panting as you walk by! Black Widow is a steal at 500 Lindens and comes complete with several looks! Included are: Laced Front Latex top, Spiderweb crop jacket, 2 capes, Linden skirt with a laced back, latex prim skirt, Thong, Latex over-knee boots, spider tat front and back and a highly detailed spider face tat!

Danica Patrick ruled Indy and took the Championship, and now she is taking SL by storm! Sure to conquer that next event, you cannot go wrong with this costume! Included are the Racing suit top, racing suit pants, sneakers, helmit and even the checkered flag!! So worth 200 Lindens to be the talk of the event as you slide on your helmit and wave that flag!

The latest design in colaberation with Body Doubles is hitting the shelves with a definitive splash! The Christina Ricci look from the movie Blacksnake Moan is on sale now for just 200 Lindens. The shape is available at Body Doubles to complete this look. The outfit is highly detailed down to the chain that made that commercial for the movie have you tuning in!!

Hitting the beach soon? Or just want to have a few jaws hanging open? This Bikini is for you then! Putting this on to model it, the cut and style impressed me.. and made my tush look smoking hot! A snowflake design on the cloth make "Beach Blizzard" a cool feel for summer! Available for just 100 Lindens!

Spiritwood Freebie!! Wow! What an incredible freebie! Lacey Purity offers a dainty lace texture and full skirt paired with the detailed texturing on the top and the care in design for the belt make this far from the ordinary free item in the stores. This is the epitomy of a summer halter dress and the flowing skirt will leave you breathless. Available at Spiritwood only, come in and grab your copy today! Don't miss out on this one, you must have this in inventory!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New At Bewitched Designs

Stop right there! Ahoy Matey! This be MY ship and you shall walk the plank! The sexiest pirate outfit Inworld by far, Butterfly Buchaneer is perfect for that Pirate event, costume party or heck, even if you just feel Saucy! Complete with everything you need, the outfit has jewerly, the hat with a long flowing train, sexy shoes and even a knife on your thigh!

Love! I win! Woot!! Donning this outfit I felt like a Tennis star! Brand new out, the Volley Dolly will leave your heart racing and your knees weak! The outfit comes Complete with headband, arm bands, socks, belt, top and skirt in two color choices and even a racket that is scripted with the tennis star moves!

Being Pawed is the new heat wave searing across Second Life! A hot ensemble that will make your ears curl! The outfit is complete from the tip of your tiny ears to the tips of your stiletto shoes! There is even a purse to put your lipstick in ladies! Going out for a night on the town and not sure what to wear? Stop in and grab Being Pawed and you are sure to turn every head in the club as you walk in!

Yes! The test finally came out positive! That precious bundle of joy will be arriving soon and you have got to get that nursery ready. Nothing would look better than the Nature's Blessing Horsey by Bewitched Designs!! Available in Pink for that sweet little girl, or Blue for that Boisterous boy, this is a must have for any nursery or home to welcome the baby.

And now, you MUST have a suitable bed for the baby to sleep in! A dresser drawer just wont do! The Mother Nature's Blessing Bassinette is perfect for those lovely nights spent gazing at your new baby laying asleep with that peaceful little smile on their face. A soft canopy compliments the silken textures, and the mobile absolutely finishes it off. A welcome addition to the nursery for the new baby to fall fast asleep.