Friday, December 26, 2008


Celebration is our newest release just in time for all the New Year's Eve parties. In rich gold tones, this dress is sure to turn heads as you make your entrance. This gown features a lace jacket and thong and is complete with fur stole and head piece to keep you snuggly warm as you travel between celebrations. Now available at our main store in Spiritwood.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Release and Winter Celebration

Today we have the release of the first of our Victoria's Secret models, Miranda Kerr. This sexy and flirty outfit is sure to get the fire blazing on those cold winter nights. The sculpted jacket, gloves and leg warmer all made of mohair perfectly compliment the silver edged silk bra and thong. Completing this set is a furry hood, super spike heels and silver leg tats.

Also, we invite you to celebrate the winter solstice this evening from 7-9pm SLT. If you've not seen Spiritwood, tonight is the perfect time. Enjoy the beauty of this winter wonderland, snuggle with your sweetie on the sleigh and join us for dancing, prizes and great music by DJ Dakota.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Goodness and a Winter Celebration

Today we feature two more of our new releases. First up we have Sweet Sweater Suzy in 5 delicious colors...thick cream, passion purple, ravishing red, teasing blue and teasing teal. This outfit features a boucle sweater with pleated plaid skirt and sexy knee high boots.

And in our celebrity series, we introduce Liza Minelli, a design based on the famous outfit worn by Liza Minelli in Cabaret. This includes vest, shorts and garter with stockings, bowler hat and shoes to complete the look.

We invite you to join us and celebrate the Winter Solstice. Wiccan and DJ Dakota will be sharing lots of Yule with us as we dance around the Tree of Life. Ride in the sleigh and enjoy the shops. We welcome one and ALL to this wonderful Celebration. Prizes and fun to be had! December 21, 2008 from 7-9 pm SLT

Join us in Spiritwood!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Holiday Releases

We have some wonderful new releases just in time for the holidays!

Glitterotomy is a complete outfit you can mix and match for any occasion. The set includes a glittery bra, scarf and skirt with contrasting jacket and bell bottom slacks complete with accessories and heels. In 5 different colors, you're sure to find one that's just your style.

For those playful times we present our Peppermint Paige Elf. A sexy and flirty outfit, you'll be sure to inspire the question are you naughty or nice?

And finally for the woman whose always dreamed of being a winter bride, we offer you the Snow Angel Bride...

This exquisite gown has many layers and options to put together your perfect bridal look. It includes veils in 2 options, a fur stole and hat and optional long flex sleeves. The fabric is an etched sating with lace and pearl trim featuring detailed button work on the back and lace work around the bodice and sleeves. You will truly look like an angel in this gown.

To see this and our other clothing for all seasons and occasions...visit us at Spiritwood.

Stay tuned for more new releases and the details on our Winter Solstice party December 21st.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grande opening of the new Spiritwood

An eventful Weekend on Spiritwood. We are having a Grand Reopening of Spiritwood as we have opened shops in Spiritwood Village and have a new, much easier to get around main store for Bewitched & ShadoWiccan Designs. We have also opened a Bargain "Basement" (in quotes cause it is in the sky) where you can get real deals on our designs. FULLY tp connected from department to department and from land store to sky store.

You'll love the village. It is picturesque and tranquil - except for the donkey. He'll take you on a tour if you sit on him but you have to catch him first.

Attached to Spiritwood is another sim. Go past Bewitched Hair and enter a wooded sim with animals, waterfalls, a mystical forest, and Stonehenge as well as other surprises. You can take a donkey cart ride around the forest. Oh did I mention the dragons are there too?

And deep within a mountain. the Healing Valley is there with meditation seats, an affectionate tree, and other items to help ease your troubled heart.

Prize chairs at the central talking tree and in the foyer of Bewitched Designs.


A) Prices:

250 L$ per week: 50 prims
360 L$ per week: 100 prims
500 L$ per week: 150 prims
600 L$ per week: 200 prims (special request)

extra prim: 3L ea

Pay for 4 weeks and get 1 week free. Thereafter, payment of 5 weeks will get you a 10% discount. If you want more prim in your rental space, please contact Wiccan or Janis.


On Saturday from 1 - 2pm SLT, Shadow Weaver will be holding trivia for all you smart people. 50L for each winning answer and person with the most correct answers at the end will win 1000L. We hope to make this a weekly event.

On Saturday evening we will be having Bcreative Wilde DJing for us from 6-9pm SLT and rockin the leaves off the trees. There will be one 5000L draw, a draw for a Skin of the Goddess with all the makeups(48) - (value: 12,800L) , and clothing gifts all evening.

On Sunday from 1 - 2pm SLT, Dakota Goulet will be holding trivia for all you smart people. 50L for each winning answer and person with the most correct answers at the end will win 1000L. We hope to make this a weekly event.

On Sunday evening we will be having the handsome and charming Dusty Sojourner of Southern Exposure Radio DJing for us from 6-9pm SLT and helping us all to get our rocks off... er, rockin off. There will be one 5000L draw, a draw for a Skin of the Goddess with all the makeups(48) - (value: 12,800L), and clothing gifts all evening.

There will be music playing, people dancing around the pentagram or elsewhere, and STUFF to be won.

Landing spot for events

Bewitched & ShadoWiccan Designs

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bewitched Designs Contest!!!!

Hi there. I am looking for nice photos of ladies and gents or vamps and vampires :) wearing Bewitched and ShadoWiccan clothing.

*** NOTE: This is for Bewitched clothing, not Bewitched Hair ***

I want to set up a customer photo gallery at the store. You never know, maybe sitting on the Bewitched wall will get you noticed for a modeling career... or someone may fall in love with you - who knows?

I would prefer to have them sent to me in a notecard. To do that, do properties on the picture, check all the boxes for permissions and then drag the photos onto a newly opened notecard.

Rename the notecard like this : Bewitched Photo Wall - (put your name here)

Send the NC to me and also send a IM at the same time. I should get one or the other. I will reply "Have received your entry" to you. If you do not receive a reply from me in 2 days, please resend NC.

We will make this a contest. A first, second, and third place will be chosen.

First Place: 5000L plus 10 modelling jobs
Second Place: 2500L plus 5 modelling jobs
Third Place: 1000L plus 2 modelling jobs

IMPORTANT: Photos must be sent full perms - copy, modify, and transfer

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Presenting.. *Drum Roll Please* TONS of New Releases!!

Our Wiccan must be in a Romantic mood this week. She has created the most breathtaking Wedding Dress! The Prince's Bride Wedding Dress is soft, subtle and rich in romance. A long flowing train accents a veil of gorgeous ringing flowers that do not detatch your bangs (Thank you for that Wiccan!) Softly colored flowers detail the dress in just the right places. The full skirt and gloves set the style and the shoes tie it all in together. Comes with 2 tops, glitch pants, gloves, linden skirt, prim multi layer skirt, pink super spikes, veil with flower headpiece and prim sleeves for just 1900 Lindens!! The outfit is copy/mod/no trans. You can pick this up, and you don't have to look for another thing for your dream wedding ensemble! Stress free! Woot!

Every girl needs a touch of Sophisticated class.. the newest dress in Spiritwood is surely that! Sophisticated comes in Blue, Gold, Red, Emerald, Avacado and Noir. With the Glitter hat, purse, spike heels and dress with glitch pants, the complete ensemble comes at the low price of 200 Lindens! Dress up, feel good and step out in style!

Brand new in the Camoflauge Line is Chillin'!! Tired of the same old style camo outfit. Get that notice for your favorite clubs camo event and sit and wonder what to wear that will be different? Here you are! Sexy and stylish, Chillin' will be sure to give you the change you need! Comes with Knit sweater, camo pants, Gothic cross, prim belt, camo bra and bangles its a steal at just 250 Lindens! Available in Spriritwood in Blue, Pink, Forest, Thistles, Black and desert!

Wowsa! Cherise is a hot Latex outfit it in the costume section at Spiritwood! A sexy pair of Latex pants pairs with a smoking hot corset to create a fabulous outfit! You can wear the outfit with or without the corset, the set comes with the top, corset and latex pants! For 175 Lindens, you definately can't go wrong for a steamy Latex look!

The Black Widow is renowned to be the most dangerous Spider. Devouring men in her path and leaving them quaking as she walks by. This outfit will definately devour a mans heart and leave the others panting as you walk by! Black Widow is a steal at 500 Lindens and comes complete with several looks! Included are: Laced Front Latex top, Spiderweb crop jacket, 2 capes, Linden skirt with a laced back, latex prim skirt, Thong, Latex over-knee boots, spider tat front and back and a highly detailed spider face tat!

Danica Patrick ruled Indy and took the Championship, and now she is taking SL by storm! Sure to conquer that next event, you cannot go wrong with this costume! Included are the Racing suit top, racing suit pants, sneakers, helmit and even the checkered flag!! So worth 200 Lindens to be the talk of the event as you slide on your helmit and wave that flag!

The latest design in colaberation with Body Doubles is hitting the shelves with a definitive splash! The Christina Ricci look from the movie Blacksnake Moan is on sale now for just 200 Lindens. The shape is available at Body Doubles to complete this look. The outfit is highly detailed down to the chain that made that commercial for the movie have you tuning in!!

Hitting the beach soon? Or just want to have a few jaws hanging open? This Bikini is for you then! Putting this on to model it, the cut and style impressed me.. and made my tush look smoking hot! A snowflake design on the cloth make "Beach Blizzard" a cool feel for summer! Available for just 100 Lindens!

Spiritwood Freebie!! Wow! What an incredible freebie! Lacey Purity offers a dainty lace texture and full skirt paired with the detailed texturing on the top and the care in design for the belt make this far from the ordinary free item in the stores. This is the epitomy of a summer halter dress and the flowing skirt will leave you breathless. Available at Spiritwood only, come in and grab your copy today! Don't miss out on this one, you must have this in inventory!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New At Bewitched Designs

Stop right there! Ahoy Matey! This be MY ship and you shall walk the plank! The sexiest pirate outfit Inworld by far, Butterfly Buchaneer is perfect for that Pirate event, costume party or heck, even if you just feel Saucy! Complete with everything you need, the outfit has jewerly, the hat with a long flowing train, sexy shoes and even a knife on your thigh!

Love! I win! Woot!! Donning this outfit I felt like a Tennis star! Brand new out, the Volley Dolly will leave your heart racing and your knees weak! The outfit comes Complete with headband, arm bands, socks, belt, top and skirt in two color choices and even a racket that is scripted with the tennis star moves!

Being Pawed is the new heat wave searing across Second Life! A hot ensemble that will make your ears curl! The outfit is complete from the tip of your tiny ears to the tips of your stiletto shoes! There is even a purse to put your lipstick in ladies! Going out for a night on the town and not sure what to wear? Stop in and grab Being Pawed and you are sure to turn every head in the club as you walk in!

Yes! The test finally came out positive! That precious bundle of joy will be arriving soon and you have got to get that nursery ready. Nothing would look better than the Nature's Blessing Horsey by Bewitched Designs!! Available in Pink for that sweet little girl, or Blue for that Boisterous boy, this is a must have for any nursery or home to welcome the baby.

And now, you MUST have a suitable bed for the baby to sleep in! A dresser drawer just wont do! The Mother Nature's Blessing Bassinette is perfect for those lovely nights spent gazing at your new baby laying asleep with that peaceful little smile on their face. A soft canopy compliments the silken textures, and the mobile absolutely finishes it off. A welcome addition to the nursery for the new baby to fall fast asleep.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New at Bewitched Designs

Happy Saturday everyone I hope you all weren't up partying too hard last night:P. There are 5 new releases out at Bewitched Designs this past week and the first one above here is Bound in Blood. This picture really doesn't do this dress justice, the detail in the fabric and the veil are stunning.The dress also has many pieces to it such as the veil, skirt, shoes, cross eye tattoo, clothing pieces, sleeves and train, as well as blood red eyes and a stylish up-do hairstyle (With all my Heart in black which was not shown). If you are looking to walk down the isle or rule your kingdom of feral vamps this is the gown to do it in. Permissions for this one are copy & mod only and is a steal at 1800L.

Next here is the lighter version of the Bound in Blood dress, Bound in Love. Like its darker version, the pictures do not do this dress justice. It is so soft and romantic perfect for that special walk down the asile. As in the first one shown the dress includes the clothing, veil, heart eye tatto, sleeves, skirt, shoes and the With all my Heart up-do style in blonde from Bewitched Hair (not shown) . Permissions are mod & copy and is priced at 1800L.
Third here is the stunningly beautiful "jump" dress from the movie Titanic. This is the dress worn by Kate Winslet in the climatic point in the Titanic movie when she had to jump ship and leave sexy Leo behind..*sniffles*. The dress comes with 2 skirt versions, clothing and a train (not shown, SL wasn't being nice:/). This dress is a must see in pixel person in order to appreciate the detail of the dress itself...just gorgeous. Perms for this one are mod & transfer and you can pick it up at the Bewitched Designs main store on Spiritwood for 700L.
Fourth here is SeVan of NiNe, you know, that sexy but confused Borg chick from Star Trek Voyager...yeah you know who I mean..rofl. I have seen quite a few Trekie costumes in SL but I like this one the most, aside form the great details on the outfit itself, the prim attachments are cooooool! Im lovin the hand thingie the face gear are very well done. This costume comes with the outfit itself, shoes, face gear, comunicator and hand gear. Even if you aren't a Trek fan the attachemnts alone are enough to go get this one...could totally be a steam punk accessory. Perms ofr this costume are trans & some mod and is set at the main store location for only 300L.
Last here is Scully The Scaliwag and includes everything shown (minus the hair & skin). There is lots to see with this outfit and really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate it. The necklace and earings are super cool, the earings are pieces of bone and the neacklace is made of bones with a hand closed arounda gold coin! The outfit itself and skirt have tiny skulls all over and of course the "modesty" skulls placed on the Included wiht this one are the boots, clothing, skirt, jewelry, eye tattoo, prim bows, sword, hat and is a steal at 700L considering all the items that are included.
Skin ~ PXL Skins
Hair ~ House of Heart

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Releases!!!!

Wiccy has been busy as usual releasing items and my busy self hasn't been able to keep I am sure there are other releases not please be sure to check out Mom's (Wiccan's) main store on Spiritwood . There is something for everyone there...literally. From flirty dresses, lingerie, role play, costumes, wedding gowns, men's and shoes...there are even dragons up in the dragons nest on the North part of the island.

First sexy outfit of the post is Turmoil (375L), I think this outfit is killer!! The fabric is like a modern version of the zebra print, it has a silvery shininess to it. Aside from the belt and sheer scarf, the boots are included in all their knockout primmy glory..rofl. I think even the hubby will have a hard time getting me out of this one....hehehe *snicker*.

Second here is, See Through to Spring (250L), my favorite from this release..and maybe even in quite a while. It has that lacy, girly, rock look to it that reminds me of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Which is why the colors I decided to show are red, black and white since they were the only colors she would wear...however there are 6 other colors this gorgeous dress comes in.

Third here is, Rock Star (300L), sexy grunge the combo! Patchwork jeans, frilly cuffs and a barley there jacket are a perfect outfit for the hair band aficionado in all you ladies..rofl. I think it's a lot of fun and would look smoki'n in some killer thigh high boots and loooooong big hair.
Of course with a company name such as and again you must create something that would inspire such a outfit is called The Traveling Wiccan (700L), but I could also see Samantha Stephens flying across the moon wearing it with Darrin frantically chasing behind Everything shown is included in the outfit, from the hat with spider accents, shoes on your feet, atheme and necklace.

Next here is Ranger (female) and Ranger Scout(male), they can be purchased separately for 500L each or you can get the Ranger Unit set where both are included for a reduced price of 800L. With these sets you get the boots, gloves, belt with pouches, chest pack, hat, sunglasses, pants, shirt, socks and underwear.

Last 2 outfits here are Skulls & Roses and Butterfly Buccaneer (700L each). Each outfit has all items shown included, from the lace trimmed sculpty hat with lace trailing, corseted top with lace trim, overcoat with bell sleeves, belt, daggar and spike boots.
In all pictures.....
Skin~Lunacy (Beautiful- Neko fetish freckles)
Hair~Bewitched Hair (Elspeth, Hilary, Tease, Witchy Woman, Cropped, Naomi -Vanilla)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anyone got a BEEER!!!!!

*Reaaaaaaaaaaly bad Irish accent*

Well it be a fine fine day for a St. Paddy's day release be it here at Spiritwood. The lassies are sportin' their goods for the fine folk here in Galaway. You get your lass in any of these delights and you will find you have a neck like a camel jokey's arse. True Irish to the middle and everywhere in between these ones.

This gorgeous dress is Tara Colleen, which also is my name...(nice to have a RL mama designer). I have to say I'm honoured because this dress is gorgeous!!..HUGS!! There are other pieces that are included with this dress such as a different prim skirt and a system skirt but when I put these pieces on I was like what better for St. Paddy's day then a This is a must see, snag it from SLX here or head to the main shop in Spiritwood. Price is 750L and permissions are trans/some mod.

Next here is Sweet Molly Malone. I love it ..lmao..I wanna run off with a leprechaun!!! Included is the hat, shirt, shorts, socks, fringed boots, earring's, lucky ties, suspenders annnnnnnnnd the SHILLELAGH!!(pronounced shi-lay-lee). Too cute and of course you know what the shirt says.."Kiss me im Irish!" Permissions are trans/some mod and its priced at 400L. Check here for SLX or head to the main shop in Spiritwood .
In Dublin's fair city,Where girls are so pretty,I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,As she pushed her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow,Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!
Last here is Shelagh (Sheila). This is a gorgeous old world style Irish outfit that has amazing details such as the rope belt around the waist with Celtic knotting and the lacey neckline. The dress can be worn with the prim skirt shown or with a less primmy system skirt. Permissions are trans/some mod and you can get yours from the main shop in Spiritwood
Skin & Shape~Lunacy
Hair~Bewitched Hair

That be it for the review of the week. Kiss the Blarney for me and be sure to save me some corned beef and cabbage or there be a price to pay. Being Irish as well, you know me havin' to get my words of wisdom in, though be them few and far between. Be sure not to get too langered on St. Paddy's day or you will find your wife has sent you to pasture and the leprechauns have run off with your goats.:D

first 2 of this weeks releases

Moooooooorning SL!!!! OK it's out of my system Wiccy has gotten some treats for you guys this week to make you salivate until the clothing fair! Hooo! First off here is The Necromancer, this awesome outfit comes with all the stuff shown. The skulls on the jacket and the boots are sculptie as well as the boots themselves. The hood also has a one touch removable mask which is really cool but the best part is the fact you can still wear hair with is important to me:P. Permissions for The Necromancer are trans/some mod and is a steal at 500L!
Shape~Body Doubles (modified)
Hair~Bewitched Hair
The next release here is the adorable Denim Deva. Its a very sweet casual look with awesome details on the jeans themselves. No prims, no fuss, NO LAG!!..lmao. It's a great outfit to go clubbing, shopping or just anything. Perms on this are trans/some mod as well and can be picked up at the main store in Spiritwood for only 250L.
Skin & Shape~Lunacy
Hair~Bewitched Hair

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New sexy goodies

First off here in this weeks sizzling' release is, Purrrfect Body (Ayumi Bodysuit). *Rawr*...I love it, very feminine and wild. Its going to drive your man nuts! Even if it wasn't as sexy as it is, it would still be a steal at 250L!! Comes with the outfit, shoes, (2 versions of the top, wide open and closed for the more modest), tail and the adorable realistic ears which slightly move about. Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
This stellar gown/lingerie/pant suit is called, On the Town with My Lover. This ensemble is great for many occasions, formal, casual, and umm....VEEEEERY casual...ha-ha. It has a couple prim skirt pieces, thong, lace sheer shirt, pants, system skirt, shoes, sash and bow and the hat. It’s just a great all in one outfit and the fabric is just gorgeous. This is now a must have in my closet and it is only 700L for basically 4 outfits! Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
Third here is a cute Valentines Day party outfit called, you better be my Valentine. There is lots of detail with this one, from various layers of tattoos, ribbons, pins and belts. It's like a collage of "LOVE ME LOVE ME" in fabric..ha-ha. I especially love the patch on the back, even if you are a coy and innocent girl, you can still dress sexy. Outfit comes with shoes, socks, skirt, top, belts, and various accessories and its only 600L! Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
Fourth here is Crimson Doll. This is a ..."wear your lingerie to work day" kind of outfit...ha-ha. There is lace all over this one from the bustling on the top, ruffles on the skirt, stocking cuffs, to the quarter length gloves. Also with this outfit are the awesome boots shown, all prim all the way. Thigh boots make any outfit I always say..:D. This outfit as well as all other Bewitched Designs outfits are transfer and some mod and are priced at 425L. Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.

Now...if you have gotten all the way down here you are probly wondering why the bunnies are multiplying!!....No you really aren't having a bad trip from the 60's..Haha..there really is this many bunnies here in every color of the rainbow. I bet Hugh Heffner couldn't even find this many bunnies:P. There is a Sexy bunny suit for all types *cough*breeds*cough* or any occasion. Included with each of these are a cute bunny tail, prim cuffs, bow tie, gloves, lingerie, stockings, shoes and sculpty prim ears. The colors are listed below...but aren't in order as they are shown. You can pick and choose between the colors at the main shop in Spiritwood or SLX each color is trans/some mod and costs 325L.Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.

Black Lace Bunny 2008
24K Gold Bunny
Black n Purple Gothic Bunny
Blue Satin Bunny
Candysweet Bunny
Coral Satin Bunny
Crimson Satin Bunny
Flowered Bunny
Gothic Lace Bunny
Heart Throb Bunny 2008
Maroon Satin Bunny
Pink Satin Bunny
Purple Satin Bunny
Red Satin Bunny
Silver Bunny
Valentine Bunny 2008
White Satin Bunny