Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anyone got a BEEER!!!!!

*Reaaaaaaaaaaly bad Irish accent*

Well it be a fine fine day for a St. Paddy's day release be it here at Spiritwood. The lassies are sportin' their goods for the fine folk here in Galaway. You get your lass in any of these delights and you will find you have a neck like a camel jokey's arse. True Irish to the middle and everywhere in between these ones.

This gorgeous dress is Tara Colleen, which also is my name...(nice to have a RL mama designer). I have to say I'm honoured because this dress is gorgeous!!..HUGS!! There are other pieces that are included with this dress such as a different prim skirt and a system skirt but when I put these pieces on I was like what better for St. Paddy's day then a This is a must see, snag it from SLX here or head to the main shop in Spiritwood. Price is 750L and permissions are trans/some mod.

Next here is Sweet Molly Malone. I love it ..lmao..I wanna run off with a leprechaun!!! Included is the hat, shirt, shorts, socks, fringed boots, earring's, lucky ties, suspenders annnnnnnnnd the SHILLELAGH!!(pronounced shi-lay-lee). Too cute and of course you know what the shirt says.."Kiss me im Irish!" Permissions are trans/some mod and its priced at 400L. Check here for SLX or head to the main shop in Spiritwood .
In Dublin's fair city,Where girls are so pretty,I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,As she pushed her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow,Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive oh"!
Last here is Shelagh (Sheila). This is a gorgeous old world style Irish outfit that has amazing details such as the rope belt around the waist with Celtic knotting and the lacey neckline. The dress can be worn with the prim skirt shown or with a less primmy system skirt. Permissions are trans/some mod and you can get yours from the main shop in Spiritwood
Skin & Shape~Lunacy
Hair~Bewitched Hair

That be it for the review of the week. Kiss the Blarney for me and be sure to save me some corned beef and cabbage or there be a price to pay. Being Irish as well, you know me havin' to get my words of wisdom in, though be them few and far between. Be sure not to get too langered on St. Paddy's day or you will find your wife has sent you to pasture and the leprechauns have run off with your goats.:D

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