Monday, April 7, 2008

New Releases!!!!

Wiccy has been busy as usual releasing items and my busy self hasn't been able to keep I am sure there are other releases not please be sure to check out Mom's (Wiccan's) main store on Spiritwood . There is something for everyone there...literally. From flirty dresses, lingerie, role play, costumes, wedding gowns, men's and shoes...there are even dragons up in the dragons nest on the North part of the island.

First sexy outfit of the post is Turmoil (375L), I think this outfit is killer!! The fabric is like a modern version of the zebra print, it has a silvery shininess to it. Aside from the belt and sheer scarf, the boots are included in all their knockout primmy glory..rofl. I think even the hubby will have a hard time getting me out of this one....hehehe *snicker*.

Second here is, See Through to Spring (250L), my favorite from this release..and maybe even in quite a while. It has that lacy, girly, rock look to it that reminds me of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Which is why the colors I decided to show are red, black and white since they were the only colors she would wear...however there are 6 other colors this gorgeous dress comes in.

Third here is, Rock Star (300L), sexy grunge the combo! Patchwork jeans, frilly cuffs and a barley there jacket are a perfect outfit for the hair band aficionado in all you ladies..rofl. I think it's a lot of fun and would look smoki'n in some killer thigh high boots and loooooong big hair.
Of course with a company name such as and again you must create something that would inspire such a outfit is called The Traveling Wiccan (700L), but I could also see Samantha Stephens flying across the moon wearing it with Darrin frantically chasing behind Everything shown is included in the outfit, from the hat with spider accents, shoes on your feet, atheme and necklace.

Next here is Ranger (female) and Ranger Scout(male), they can be purchased separately for 500L each or you can get the Ranger Unit set where both are included for a reduced price of 800L. With these sets you get the boots, gloves, belt with pouches, chest pack, hat, sunglasses, pants, shirt, socks and underwear.

Last 2 outfits here are Skulls & Roses and Butterfly Buccaneer (700L each). Each outfit has all items shown included, from the lace trimmed sculpty hat with lace trailing, corseted top with lace trim, overcoat with bell sleeves, belt, daggar and spike boots.
In all pictures.....
Skin~Lunacy (Beautiful- Neko fetish freckles)
Hair~Bewitched Hair (Elspeth, Hilary, Tease, Witchy Woman, Cropped, Naomi -Vanilla)

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