Thursday, February 14, 2008

New sexy goodies

First off here in this weeks sizzling' release is, Purrrfect Body (Ayumi Bodysuit). *Rawr*...I love it, very feminine and wild. Its going to drive your man nuts! Even if it wasn't as sexy as it is, it would still be a steal at 250L!! Comes with the outfit, shoes, (2 versions of the top, wide open and closed for the more modest), tail and the adorable realistic ears which slightly move about. Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
This stellar gown/lingerie/pant suit is called, On the Town with My Lover. This ensemble is great for many occasions, formal, casual, and umm....VEEEEERY casual...ha-ha. It has a couple prim skirt pieces, thong, lace sheer shirt, pants, system skirt, shoes, sash and bow and the hat. It’s just a great all in one outfit and the fabric is just gorgeous. This is now a must have in my closet and it is only 700L for basically 4 outfits! Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
Third here is a cute Valentines Day party outfit called, you better be my Valentine. There is lots of detail with this one, from various layers of tattoos, ribbons, pins and belts. It's like a collage of "LOVE ME LOVE ME" in fabric..ha-ha. I especially love the patch on the back, even if you are a coy and innocent girl, you can still dress sexy. Outfit comes with shoes, socks, skirt, top, belts, and various accessories and its only 600L! Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.
Fourth here is Crimson Doll. This is a ..."wear your lingerie to work day" kind of outfit...ha-ha. There is lace all over this one from the bustling on the top, ruffles on the skirt, stocking cuffs, to the quarter length gloves. Also with this outfit are the awesome boots shown, all prim all the way. Thigh boots make any outfit I always say..:D. This outfit as well as all other Bewitched Designs outfits are transfer and some mod and are priced at 425L. Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.

Now...if you have gotten all the way down here you are probly wondering why the bunnies are multiplying!!....No you really aren't having a bad trip from the 60's..Haha..there really is this many bunnies here in every color of the rainbow. I bet Hugh Heffner couldn't even find this many bunnies:P. There is a Sexy bunny suit for all types *cough*breeds*cough* or any occasion. Included with each of these are a cute bunny tail, prim cuffs, bow tie, gloves, lingerie, stockings, shoes and sculpty prim ears. The colors are listed below...but aren't in order as they are shown. You can pick and choose between the colors at the main shop in Spiritwood or SLX each color is trans/some mod and costs 325L.Skin by Fallen Skins and Shapes and hair by Bewitched Hair.

Black Lace Bunny 2008
24K Gold Bunny
Black n Purple Gothic Bunny
Blue Satin Bunny
Candysweet Bunny
Coral Satin Bunny
Crimson Satin Bunny
Flowered Bunny
Gothic Lace Bunny
Heart Throb Bunny 2008
Maroon Satin Bunny
Pink Satin Bunny
Purple Satin Bunny
Red Satin Bunny
Silver Bunny
Valentine Bunny 2008
White Satin Bunny

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