Sunday, February 3, 2008

New items @ Bewtiched Designs

Catwalk diva and fashionista, is what you be called for wearing this one. Just like its original owner, Cher. This stunner was created for the mega star by Bob Mackie in her early years and is still a show stopper even today. Included with this art in fabric is the shoes, skirt, feather trimmed collar, shirt and head dress. Make a statement in this iconic dress. Outfit can be found in many of the Bewitched locations and the main store in Spirit wood for only 750L. Skin by Nuclear Boutique (a contribution for "another fundraiser") and shape, "Cher", by Body Doubles for 500L.
Did someone say Mardi gras?? Gimmie some king cake, a strand of beads, a beer and we are ready for the French Quarter. Called Harlequin Queen, this outfit is awesome and versatile. You can wear it as pant, as a mini or with the skirt and tails and the gorgeous and flexi!!! This is definitely a show stopper and a must see, especially at only 600L. Skin by Naughty, Shape by Body Doubles and hair by Bewitched Hair.
Third outfit shown is a RIOT....I love’s called Just a Jester. This one is unisex and comes with all the goodies you can see here from the awesome shoes to the hat and staff. And at 450L it’s like a maaaaaajor steal. Skin by []::Tuli::[], shape by Fallen Shapes and Skins and hair by Bewitched Hair.

Fourth pic here is Elegant. This is a very beautiful and original gown. It comes with the shoes shown, prim tail, skirt with high slit up the left side and the shirt has wonderful detail with gold accents on the back. This outfit is a steal at 600L. Skin from Naughty, Shape from Fallen Shapes and Skins and hair from Bewitched Hair.

The sultry number shown above is Little Black dress Glitterized. Very sexy low cut top and high rise bottom with glitter accents and a large jewel resting between the cleavage...(something to ..*cough*..draw the eye :D). This outfit also included the boots shown and is priced at a fantastic 400L. Skin and shape by Fallen Shapes and Skins and hair from Bewitched Hair.

This sexy combo above is Emma Peel from The Avengers. The outfit is a sexy cat suit. Lots of detail in this one from the highlights to the zippers on the jacket and pants. Boots shown are included and outfit is priced at 150L. Also shown is the Emma Peel shape available at Body Doubles for 500L. Skin by Naughty and hair from Bewitched Hair.

Last out of the recent releases by Bewitched Designs is Creamy and Ebony Doll. Very cute lingerie dresses that can be worn with either of the prim skirts included or as a sexy little teddy. Both of these outfits also come with thigh high coordinating boots and are priced at 425L. Skin by Naughty and shape by Fallen Shapes and Skins and hair from Bewitched Hair. All outfits are Trans and some mod.

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