Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Vampire Royals

"She wants the Mordante family to rule all of Vampire kind,
He is happy adding to his harem of mesmerized ladies,
Together...they raise hell."

Today we present Malachi and Malificent Mordante. These two outfits are made of highly detailed textures and prim work accentuating the beauty of these creatures of the night.

Malificent is a beautiful vision of pure evil featuring a black lace corset and thong with overlying lace skirt, lace gloves and stocking and completeing the look is a bevy of spider trimmed accessories all the way down to the boots.

Malachi makes the unsuspecting mortal swoon when he appears in this rich brocade vest and jacket with matching shirt and pants, spider trimmed accessories and complete with top hat and cane.

Join them in their quest for underworld domination at Bewitched.

While you're sure to check out all the great new items in the lucky chairs or have a relaxing sit as you fish for prizes.

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