Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No matter your style Bewitched has what you need

Here we have 6 new outfits from Bewitched...in this release there is definitly something for everyone...
First off we have Longing in Lace, this one comes in 3 colors, Snow(shown), Cream and black. Very girlie and uber sexy with its bikini top and bottom worn with lace see through shirt and pants and the cuffs and flares just give this one that extra added girlieness.Permissions are mod/trans and it is priced at 175L.
Next we have The Vampires New Mistress~Revamped~...I love this dress...its formal without being over the top and it's great for Halloween, balls, your vampire lady or even a dark wedding. Permissions on this are mod/trans and is a steal at 500L.
Now we have Oriental White, sweet and sassy. From the cheek showin kick skirt to the low cut shirt with lace overlay and thigh high stockings, it is for sure a show stopper. Summer picnic or strollin the streets this outfit is perfect.Permissions are mod/trans and is priced at 300L.
Fourth in the pic here is New Blood. Vampire bites and all the name speaks for itself. If your a virgin to the dark this is a great way to show it off..;).The skirt has a sexy cut to it, perfect clevage cut and even a shurg for those more modest vampires. Permissions are mod/trans and is priced at 600L.
Fifth is the Pink PVCee Ya Latah Hotstuff, grrrrrrr baby YEAH!!...ok i can't say this one is sweet and sassy..rofl..this one is a raunchy sex machine driven mini all the way. If you got this and you ain't dancin on a pole, your looking for one..lmfao..I love it!! Permissions on this one are trans and is a steal for 200L.
Last but not least we have Cherries Seranade. This I find is a rich turn of the centruy look for sure. Who needs baby blue smocks and lacy petticoats when u have exotic red velvet with satin accents gown. And omg ain't that hat just adorable..flexi strings and all. I love this one, the bustle and the form of the dress are great. Permissions are trans/some mod and price is fantastic at 500L.

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