Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fantasy Faire 2009

Wiccan has been so busy lately with building a new store for easy shopping for each of you, showing her bridal gowns at the big Bridal Show.. and now she is hanging out at the Fantasy Faire. So, I stole the blog from here today to give you all a little look at her shop over there. You know that there can not be a Fantasy Faire without the best Witch in SL.... so off we go... she even took her dragon with her to make sure everyone felt at home.

Come check out the great stuff she has at the store and remember this is also a fundraiser for RFL.

Find Bewitched here and we will see you at the faire,

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Cancer Survivor Stories said...

Awesome picutures...glad to see you talking about Fantasy Faire 2009.


Evar Lexington

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